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And I'll take you for who you are

if you take me for everything

Operation Beautiful
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Let the light shine in.

The point of opbeautiful is the same as sites like our title site Operation Beautiful and Gives Me Hope. We want to shine a little light into a world that seems so intent on bringing everyone down. As economic tragedy, famine, and disease spread like wildfire across the globe, we become accustomed to looking at the world with a dark, distrustful eye. We see ugliness in the world, and soon we begin to internalize this ugliness until every time we look in the mirror, we see nothing but the ugly.

opbeautiful is just another reminder that there is beauty in the world, and that, yes, you're part of that beauty. And not only are you part of that beauty, but you have the ability to remind everyone else that they are part of that beauty too.

Here, we post about all of the beautiful things in the world, all the little ways we remind everyone that there's beauty and are reminded ourselves that there is beauty. This can be in any form, from writing an anonymous post it note that says 'You're beautiful' and leaving it in the ladies' room to witnessing someone pay for a stranger's cup of coffee.

There's beauty in the world. We're just here to remind everyone of that.

I want to keep this community as light and carefree as possible. This should be a nice, comfortable environment where we all can be friends and get along.

To do that, I think a few ground rules are in order, just so everyone is on the same page.

& Be kind. Flaming of any kind is not welcome here. Period. If this becomes a problem, not only will you be banned, but you'll be reported to LJ staff.

& Advertising must pertain to spreading our message (world love, joy etc.) and must be run by me first. Message me; I don't bite ♥

& No spamming. There's no need for that.

& Large images and a lot of text go behind a cut, the code for which is here:

Replace 'LJ CUT TEXT' with whatever you want the cut to say, and place what you want inside the cut between the arrows facing one another (like this: ><). I just want everything to look nice and neat at the end of the day.

& Good spelling and grammar are appreciated, but no one is going to do much more than make a suggestion to use spell check, so don't stress about it.

& For now, posting access is available to all members without moderation. This can change though, so let's play nice, all right?

& Tags should be limited to these words ONLY: music video, music, video, picture, story. If you feel any others should be added, please message me, and I'll be glad to talk about it with you. I just want everything to be neat and organized.

& If you want to affiliate with us, just PM me, and I'll be glad to add you to our list.

& Smile. Because you look stunning today. ♥


Disclaimer: I don't run the actual website Operation Beautiful. I'm just someone who wants to make a difference and probably likes LiveJournal too much for my own good. I just want to spread a little joy.

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I have found the paradox that if I love until it hurts,
then there is no hurt, but only more love.

-- Mother Teresa