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21 September 2009 @ 12:05 am
Five Star  
hi, everyone. i see me leaving the comm for a little while was a bad thing to do, haha.

this is me apologizing, you guys. i'm seriously sorry that i've been gone. i've been dying between starting college and all the drama going on between me vs. my best friend and me vs. my family and my best friend vs. my family and ugh. and then i have work on top of that. it's all tough. i'm having a hard time dealing with all the stuff happening at once.

that said, i still feel like i abandoned you guys. i promise i'll try harder from now on to get on every day or at least every time that i can.

i feel like we need some more people to join to give us a little boost. does anyone know of any comms that i can adverstise on and won't mind it or will anyone be willing to get the word about us out? i'd love to expand the comm a little and get more people to start posting.

anyone have any ideas of what we could do to draw people in? i'm open to anything, and if you don't want to say it here, you can always pm me. or im my aim account: hollybellsring.

i still have a goal, you guys. i still want to make people smile. i just got a little side-tracked. i'm sorry and i hope you guys understand.

let's keep pushing for the one thing we all want: reminding everyone of how beautiful the world can be.

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